ISE, the International Society of Endocytobiology e.V. aims to promote research into endocytobiology, general (endo)symbiosis, and their interactions and processes. The Society promotes these aims with colloquia, prizes and the issue of the publication Endocytobiosis and Cell Research.

Upcomming ISE Conference 2023

ISE Konference 2023 Chicago, IL, USA

@ Fields Museum – Bioinformatics Unit

organized by Felix Grewe et. al.

Our latest Meetings

ISE Meeting 2021 Kaiserslautern, DE

@ Molecular Biotechnology + Systems Biology

TU Kaiserslautern

organized by M. Schroda and F. Willmund


ISE Meeting 2022 Čes. Budějovice, CZ

@ Institute of Parasitology – Biology Center

South Bohemian University, České Budějovice

organised by Ansgar Gruber et. al.


In 2018 national and international sections of ISE were united.

Next upcoming workshops take place 2020 in Kaiserslautern (organisation: Prof. Michael Schroda and Jun. Prof. Felix Willmund) and 2021 in Bochum (organisation: Prof. Danja Schünemann).

The next ISE conference, the 15th International Colloquium on Endocytobiology and Symbiosis, will take place 2022 at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, USA (organisation: Dr. Felix Grewe).